SquirrelARTS offer a range of workshops, mentoring and mini taster sessions, for children, teenagers and adults of all abilities. Deveopmentally-based art we seek to build creativity as a life skill that will serve beyond the art studio. Our job is to bring the materials and methods that help to tap back into a primal maker self, a joyful artist who believes he or she knows how to make a thing of beauty. Is everyone an artist? No. but we believe at SquirrelARTS that everyone is capable.  

We will try and cater for all your needs. We have professional Artists on our team who are happy and eager to assist YOU.

New Adult Life Workshop!

Our first workshop since Lockdown is now available to book.

Starting : 01 October | 6pm-9pm

Life drawing classes with emphasis on creating.

Full details and booking below

Workshop Schedule and Booking