Painting Competition ‘In the Lockdown’

Competition ‘Open to ALL’
 by Annabelle April 27th – 27th May 2020 

These are surreal and difficult times fuelled with fear in this time of lockdown with COVID-19. I have decided to use SquirrelARTS to open up a competition in a way to share our experience through this time. The title of ‘Lockdown painting for HOPE’ There are no rules, paint on any surface with any chosen paint medium. Whatever your age and whoever you are!

This is my recent painting in this time ‘Hope’ 100 x 100 cm on canvas. 

 To enter please email an image of your work to /

Tagline or title
Also the materials  you used

(Only send images and details that you are happy to be shared on social media) If you wish to share your entry on social media please tag @annabellelosaart, and include the hashtag #lockdownpaintingforhope All the submissions will be on:

The winner will receive a 40 x 40 cm giclee limited edition signed artist print. Three runners up will receive a smaller giclee signed limited edition print. 

Submissions will be accepted until 12pm on the 27th of May. The winners will be announced on, email and all the other platforms mentioned on the 27th May. SquirrelARTS is happy to represent and expose what is happening in the art community and beyond. We hope to give artists and creators a platform, please consider coming on board .. please look at our to (Join page). We have opened this to all ages, and all abilities. Please share this with parents who are homeschooling and need a project for their children, this is absolutely ‘Open For All’ join in ‘Lockdown painting for Hope’ ❤️

Paint, create look for Hope and enjoy the process, play music, enjoy the sunshine let loose! Our entries below,

Kim Phillips ‘In safe Hands’ Chalk on paper,                                                                          Mia Phillips ‘My mum and friends the frontline looking over the Rainbow’ Acrylic paint
Lee Cooper ‘We thank you ALL’
Cali Groombridge ‘Tree’ Water colour on paper
Siobhan Groombridge ‘Oil paint on paper’
Scarlett Beamish ‘Daddy, Jonathan, Molly, and Isobel’
Rosa E Losa ‘Hope, Faith, Future’
Bella Stanford ‘Painting in Acrylic’
Paul Abbot ‘Margate’
Maria Victoria Guevara ‘No one can take our Hope away’
Lydia King ‘Hope’ Pencils and water colours
Lee Beamish ‘Monotony’
Elizabeth Wells ‘Dedication to the NHS’


Our winner Scarlett Beamish