Workshops, Demonstations Covid-19

Taking part in visual art workshops during Covid-19

We are very excited to be welcoming you to SquirrelARTS Creative workshops.

As a result of Covid-19 there are some differences in the way we manage our sessions and what we ask of our participants. We want everyone to have a great experience at the same time as keeping everyone safe!

Please read these guidelines so you know what to expect.

Arriving at SquirrelARTS Creative and at the start of your workshop session

• Please do not come if you are unwell or have any Covid-19 symptoms. We can offer full refunds or credit vouchers for individual sessions for those who are unable to attend

• Workshop participants can arrive 10 minutes before a sessions. We will be unable to let you into the building before this time

• Please use the hand sanitising stations at the entrance to the building and in the workshop space

• Our café will be open throughout the day. Please use the marked social distance queues to place your order

• We are currently only accepting payment by card

• The main toilet will have a one-in-one-out queuing system

At the workshops or demonstration

In order to maintain social distancing we have reduced the capacity to 20 people

The room layout has been arranged to best support social distancing. Please maintain social distancing at all times while you at SquirrelARTS Creative

Please wear a mask or visor during the workshop. Although we will have some disposable masks available, please bring your own reusable face covering wherever possible. Adults unable to wear one for health reasons are not required to wear a face covering. We ask that our participants remember that not everyone is able to wear a mask and the reason for this may not be immediately visible.

You are welcome to take drinks purchased at our cafe into your workshops, but please remember to put your mask back on after you have finished your drink


Every workshop tutor has worked with us on a Covid-secure risk assessment and has received information from SquirrelARTS Creative that explains how they must work to keep themselves and all our participants safe

Tutors will, where possible, teach the class from the front of the room

Tutors will wear a face covering when in close proximity to participants

Where individual support or advice is required, they will maintain social distancing.

How we will also be keeping you safe:

We are working hard to make sure our workshops, demonstrations and events are as safe and welcoming as possible. In addition to asking our visitors to comply with the guidelines we will also be;

Asking all our event staff to wear visors or masks
Undertaking cleaning between workshop sessions

Please respect our staff and other visitors by abiding by our guidelines.

If you are unable to do so, please speak to a member of staff. Any customers who do not comply will be asked to leave and will not be offered refunds on their tickets.

Please check our website before your visit for any updates to these guidelines.

Attending workshops at SquirrelARTS Creative will feel a little bit awkward, but we will do what we can to make sure you enjoy your visit.

Thank you

 April 2021