Coronavirus ‘Go Away we are busy’

Come together in the big make together

SquirrelARTS have come up with an idea to engage children to use art as a thread to connect us with each other and help us in ways of coping through the coronavirus. Across the world we are being asked to isolate ourselves from one another within communities, this little Art project is a way of thinking of creative ways to bring us together. We invite you to sit around a virtual community table and help produce a big art collage together. Whether at home alone or on lock down with family, whatever your age, (As long as school age) and wherever you come from, We welcome all children of all schools to take up this invitation to create a piece of art work in the theme of #duringthecoronavirus. You can sew, draw, collage, print, glue. You can use words or images, even use your i-pad or a smartphone. The theme of ‘Something that gets me through the day’ onto a piece of paper 20cm x 20cm square.

Show the world what the children have to say, “Go away Coronavirus, We are busy!”

Send us a photo of your finished square, with #duringthecoronvirus your name and a short description. We will share your square on our Facebook page and our Instagram feed, and some will be featured on here. LOOK AFTER YOUR SQUARES CAREFULLY Once the coronavirus has come to a close, and we are returning to ordinary patterns of life, we encourage children from local schools around Thanet to exhibit their works with SquirrelARTS. Send photos of your finished square to 

You can find updates here of submissions    


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