Lee Beamish

Lee a tattoo artist for a living, and when he is not tattooing, he is usually found either spending time with his children, or creating art.

Lee enjoy’s working on canvas, using any materials that come to hand his artworks organically come to life, usually evolving more as the work progresses. Lee drawn to textures loves to incorporate any’ found objects’ then that’s even better! Lee had quite an unconventional ride with his art, Did some college when he finished school, and then some sign writing, advertising, and painting on clothing.

Since then Lee has had his hands in lots of different art, and has settled on tattooing. A tattooist for 10 years now, Lee loves his job, but finds that it can be quite constrictive with flourishes of creativity, so uses painting to satisfy that need to be expressive in his art. Lee’s work mainly abstract ideas, but also creates striking graphic images too all created by hand. Music and life experiences are inspiration, as well as working on art with his children, always looking for new ways to make marks, and create something unique.


I work mostly in an Abstract style, but do not limit myself, I also work with Graphic images too

Artist, Tattoo Artist


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