John Smith

John is a mixed media sculptor. He has developed a passion for recycling junk, working with found, discarded, unwanted and waste materials, making creatures and characters that have a life of their own. He re-uses and upcycles what he finds and he is always searching for newer old pieces and this search is an integral part of the overall makers process for him. John prefers to work with metal junk, it is more robust, but with that comes issues of bonding and joining. John uses bolts and screws, collects various glues and resins and soon hopes to learn brazing and welding to allow for large scale and more permanent joins.

His inspiration stems from science fiction, robots and androids being the main items he tackles, but the actual process of making comes together very organically. He builds in his home studio, and Aladdin’s cave of wonders, stacked high and filled to bursting with boxes of scrap and precious finds and donations.

The smallest creature is 4 inches tall, with the largest about 24 inches but John absolutely wants to scale up with these. He has also carved in sandstone and will be doing more in the coming months and years. “I find this enormously fulfilling but do find the time to complete less so. The reward is, however, a piece of work that could last for millennia”.

Another person’s junk is someone else’s treasure



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