SquirrelARTS Creative

My time in Margate in the 90’s was a tough one. Margate was a bleakly dying little town with few job prospects. I quite honestly couldn’t wait to leave, but, little did I know I would return to live here. I didn’t move too far, I missed the place as the sea and the town’s quirkiness had the knack of pulling me back. My passion through Art college was I really wanted art to be accessible to all. I felt a bit of an outcast at college, like I didn’t really have the right to be there and always challenged that art seemed to be just for the elite and the middle class. I started to gradually curate art exhibitions in obscure places, an off-licence, a garden centre, restaurants, a train station and a gym. I also took over empty retail spaces to use for pop up exhibitions. My inspiration was to bring art to as many people as possible So, time went on I had a family and things paused. Although at the back of my mind I had an idea of an art company that would fuse artists, workshops, community and places together in a collaboration of exchange. SquirrelARTS ltd was born and (SquirrelARTS Creative Cic) as we are now known by. The name… a funny story, my father whose English is very good but with a strong accent wanted to nick name me squirrel when I was a child. The reason, I hated eating meat and I would store it in my cheeks so when my parents were not looking, I could spit it out. He likened it to a squirrel storing nuts in their cheeks…. He still can’t pronounce squirrel, so I have the name Esquee to thank him for. Lucky Me! So, when I met my partner, he told me about how his dissertation at college was about the decline of the red squirrel! Voila: 

"At the back of my mind I had an idea of an art company that would fuse artists, workshops, community and places together in a collaboration of exchange. SquirrelARTS Creative was just around the corner"
Meet the
SquirrelARTS team

Annabelle Losa


BA (hons) degree Fine Art

A contemporary multi disciplined Artist, art curator and mother. Annabelle founded SquirrelARTS in 2017. Her role and key tagline for the company is ‘Art for All’ Annabelle has always been passionate that there should be inclusivity for every member of society. To  be able to view, to make, to participate in art in its many guises. Annabelle thrives on bringing out the creative in people, she has an undeterred passion to help those willing to learn. With many years in Arts and the Education setting also working with children and young people with learning disabilites Annabelle brings a depth of knowledge and experience.

Zara Gabriel

Artist/Workshop Mentor BA (hons) degree Fine Art

Zara Gabriel is a multifaceted artist who uses a multitude of mediums to create vibrant paintings and sculptures, drawing on her life as a disabled artist whilst raising children with disabilities. With her personal experience with disabled children as well as a BA (hons) first class in fine art and a diploma in childcare and education, Zara has has wealth of knowledge and understanding In working with children and is a great asset to the SquirrelArts team.

IMG_3464 2

Georgina Edney

Social Media BA (hons) Degree Archaeology

Georgina is a freelance writer with expertise in community engagement. Georgina has a BA degree in Archaeology & History from Canterbury Christ Church University, where she studied medieval women and law. Georgina currently runs a blog and Instagram account – both focusing on women in medieval history. She supports local businesses engaging in admin work and social media content creation. We feel so pleased she is part of the SquirrelARTS team.


John Smith

IT Integration delivery manager

Bsc(hons) enviromental studies

John has spent 24 year in service management and IT delivery. John late to life in pursuing art found that he has an incredible talent in making up cycled creatures from junk and stone carving. John is a great asset to SquirrelARTS in his  knowledge of accounts and hands on DIY essential member of the SquirrelARTS team.


Bob Connell

Artist/Workshop Mentor

After a career in the Fire Service Bob started to focus on his art. Bob has a love of soft pastels and Plein Air painting his other passion is cycling loves nothing more than to get away from the noise to find some solace out in the wonderful countryside that surrounds us in this part of South East Kent. Bob uses his art as therapy and finds he is at his most contented when cycling or painting. Bob has been an incredible asset to SquirrelARTS been on the journey from the very start.