SquirrelARTS supports emerging artists and art in the community.

Founded by Margate-based artist Annabelle Losa in 2017, SquirrelARTS collaborates to support artists and the community making new art accessible to all.

Our Goals

SquirrelARTS is creating a provision for all types of artists creatives and the community. Art for All. Art workshops across different media. We offer one to ones, great for those studying and a great opportunity to give a gift of learning something new. Our successful family workshops will be extending into Art parties for children. 

Artists and makers can get involved in exhibitions, pop ups, events and workshops. This is open to the wider community to partake.

News & Events

Winner! Design a Squirrel logo

Winner Isabella Morris We found our winner! At only 6 years old this Squirrel struck a cord in our hearts at ‘SquirrelARTS’ HQ. The simplicity and well absolute cuteness! means we can reproduce on any surface we wish. So look out for our postcards and tote bags coming soon! Isabella’s piece of art work will be on show and in its forever home at SquirrelARTS. Our runner’s up Timmy Wehrly and Billy Hoyle Timmy received a wonderful art pack so hopefully he will continue making cute little artworks. Billy received a voucher for a workshop of his choice. Everyone who took part will receive a little gift pack.    

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Be A Part Of SquirrelARTS

Become one of our closest supporters, receive access to our exhibitions, artists, and special events.

We don’t want to call you to our mailing list. We want to call upon you as one of our friends.

Our aim is for drop by sessions for a cuppa and look at what might be in store. What we are up to! We hope to come across as an enlightened group of people who believe that Art is for all and everyone can have a go and everyone’s opinion matters.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

Pablo Picasso 

Our Artists

 SquirrelARTS are proud to introduce some of our subscribed Artists. Watch this space to see featured works current exhibitions, blogs, and updates… Delve into their world,  take a peek at their process of creating.